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Lonnie started a cleaning service, bought and sold real estate, and in 1989 he began selling “Maid of Gold” cleaning franchises. In 1988 for a period of about 3 months Lonnie got involved in a drug and money laundering conspiracy, and in 1992 he was arrested for the 1988 crime, tried, convicted, and spent the next 21 years in prison. Lonnie received Life without the possibility of parole even though he was a first time nonviolent offender.  While in prison, he received an associates of arts degree from Indiana University.

Upon his release earlier this year, he is continuing his education at the University of Mobile with the goal to receive his bachelor’s in Christian Counseling. In recent months Lonnie has had several opportunities to share his story with 100s of young people and their parents in schools and churches, emphasizing that there are consequences for every decision and choice that one makes, detailing the consequences that he and his family have suffered as a result of his wrong choice back in 1988.